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Hi hey hello!

My name is Kasjan Pracki. I am a personal trainer, bodybuilding and swimming instructor, a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, a project manager of the work-life balance concept in Polish and international corporations, and privately – father of two kids.

I have been helping to improve the body shape, health and well-being of my clients for over 10 years using proven training methods and sublime but effective habits.
Experience has taught me that small changes bring great results, that is why I try to meticulously analyze individually case and choose the right tools so that the intended goal is achieved at a minimum cost.

I love physical activity, contact with people and helping others achieve their goals, so if you have any questions about training or healthy lifestyle, feel free to write to me anytime.

How can I help you?

Personal trainings at home or outdoors

Take care of your health and body, wherever you want. I will come to you with the necessary equipment, we can achieve your goals regardless of the location.

Online trainings

Build up your fitness and immunity without leaving your home. All you need is a camera, internet connection and some free space.

Dietary and training consultations

If you feel motivated enough to exercise alone, make a consultation to create the perfect nutritional and training program.

Why do it?

Competences and experience

I have specialized degree, ten years of experience as a personal trainer and numerous courses and trainings. As well a number of customers and premium companies have trusted me and that is something only a few in my field can boast of.

Individual approach

Functional tests, body screenings, interviews and monitoring your progress are tools that I always use to sure the training will be tailored to you.


Thanks to my extensive experience, I know which forms, methods and techniques will work best in your case.


There are many reasons why people want to transform their body and health, but only a few act on it. I am here to help you take the first steps to achieve your goals.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

Steps of cooperation

I really care about clear and well defined cooperation, starting from the first meeting. Thanks to this, you know what to expect and I can create the best way for you. Find out about the elements of good cooperation with a personal trainer:
The first meeting allows you to get to know your needs and expectations, set goals and priorities, assess the possibilities and adjust them to your psycho-motor level. During the first session, we will touch on the following:
  • medical history
  • setting goals
  • body measurements
  • screening
  • functional tests
Each training consists of specific elements that we perform as standard, i.e .:
  • warm up – mobility, activation, raising the body temperature (aimed at the main exercices)
  • main exercises (learning basic movement patterns, improving weak links)
  • final part (assisted stretching and breathing exercises)
If necessary, we will introduce modifications on an ongoing basis. Periodically, the training plan is modified to consistently reflect your goals and recorded progress.
As an experienced personal trainer, I believe that cooperation with the client should not only end with joint training. The whole proces must focused on changing your lifestyle in order to achieve the desired results. Such activities include, among others:
  • change of habits
  • individual exercises for self-execution
  • self-performance training
  • reporting trainings / step count / what you eat
A clear method of payment gives you transparency in our cooperation:
  • the payment should be made before the first training (not including consultations / introductory training)
  • invoice provided at the client request
  • training may be canceled no later than 20.00 on the day preceding the training. Otherwise, the training is deducted from the package.

Want to try?

Your success is also my success!


Individual trainings

200 PLN

One training session


900 PLN

Package of 5 trainings

You save 100 PLN

1600 PLN

Package of 10 trainings

You save 400 PLN

home training

220 PLN

One training session


1800 PLN

Package of 10 trainings

You save 400 PLN

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